1Are your ITAD services available nationwide?
Absolutely. BCS has a nationwide footprint, and can deliver services in all 48 states.
2Is there an online customer portal?
Yes, we give all our customers password protected access to our Secure Client Portal. Once set up, on your custom dashboard you will be able to schedule pickups, view order history (scheduled, open and closed), view current and historic resale/scrap inventory, and export all required documentation (asset management reports, settlements, invoices, certificates of destruction & recycling, receiving acknowledgments, etc.).  Learning the system is quick and easy!
3Do you have a revenue share program for reuse items?
Yes, this is generally how BCS operates. Net revenue share. However, there are often scenarios where BCS will purchase equipment outright. It all depends on your requirements.
4Do you offer Certificates of Data Destruction?
As an R2 Certified organization, BCS adheres to NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization. We offer onsite or offsite physical destruction (degauss or shred) of data containing devices, and offsite single, 3 or 7-pass software data eradication services. All jobs receive an itemized serial number log for all devices destroyed or wiped, and a Certificate of Destruction, Reuse or Recycling.
5What is the billing model?
Typically, any associated recycling or destruction fees are negated from the resale value of your assets. Recycling fees are assessed by the weight of the particular scrap commodity. Depending on volume and/or value, destination charges vary. Detailed fee schedule will be included in your proposal.
6Is there a minimum pickup amount?
No. However, we do prefer that each and every pickup is worth your time and ours.
7Do you offer remote pickup services, (For example: Shipment of self-service boxes or labels for customers to pack and drop-off with a carrier)
We have similar programs currently in place with a number of our larger clients, and we can definitely accommodate. We would need further information, so we can put together a successful return program for your organization.
8How are pickup requests handled?
Pickups can be handled in one of two ways: Clients can contact their assigned Customer Service Representative directly, or use our Secure Client Portal to schedule pickups. Whatever option you find easiest. Seamless is the objective!
9How is inventory reporting managed?
BCS prides itself on its Asset Management Reporting. Using proprietary software and scripting that interfaces with our ERP system, we pull an exorbitant amount of data for each asset. Each report contains a bevy of item specific info as well as test results and financial disclosure, giving you full transparency.
10What is the billing process?
Simple and straight forward. Recycling charges are negated from resale activity, asset management reporting is generated – you are cut a check or paid by wire, or an invoice is emailed/delivered for payment. Settlement time depends on the size of the load, and number of assets, but will never exceed 30-45 days from date of receipt at one of our production facilities.
11 Lead time for pickup requests?
Most pickups can be scheduled within 24 hours.
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