ITAD Myths

There are many truths and myths related to ITAD decommissioning. The horror stories and liabilities for mismanaged data destruction can be very expensive. The three biggest ITAD Myths:

IT Asset Disposal is a commodity

Untrue, finding the right partner that can plan and execute a decommissioning project is based on a complete suite of services, versus just responding to a list of products to be priced for value recovery.

After the IT Asset Disposition company takes ownership, it’s not our problem anymore

Untrue, liabilities for mismanaged data destruction can find their way back to the initial party that gathered and stored the information.

Deleting, resetting, or reformatting data containing devices is sufficient

Untrue, simply deleting data, reformatting a disk, or resetting a mobile device does not actually remove the data. Experts recommend using the US DoD 5220.22M erasure method and NIST SP 800-88 Rev. 1 Guidelines for Media Sanitization, to help assist organizations in their sanitization efforts.

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