How We Process

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BCS will arrange to pick up and/or receive your IT assets at one of our facilities.


BCS will sort your IT assets into appropriate categories, depending on how they will be repurposed, recycled, or disposed of.


BCS will take the necessary steps to test and reuse, recycle or dispose of your IT assets in an environmentally friendly manner.


Within 30-45 days, we will prepare a custom report that tracks the results and final environmental impact of your IT assets.

The Process

Step 1 – Sign Up And Let BCS Handle It!

  • BCS assigns you a Decommissioning Specialist (DS) to be your single point of contact for all things related to your ITAD activities.
  • This includes SLA creation, setting up your customizable Virtual Cloud Based Client Portal for real-time access to scheduling, inbound orders, inventory, and our document download center for easy access to all reporting, certificates, financial disclosures and much more.

    Step 2 – Schedule Your Disposition Job

    • Utilizing your Virtual Client Portal, or by reaching out directly to your Decommissioning Specialist, schedule your pickup!
    • BCS will coordinate the safe and secure logistics, packaging and delivery to one of our ITAD processing locations. 
    • On/Offsite Secure Certified Destruction of Data Devices
    • On/Offsite Degaussing (10,000+ gauss erasure field - 1+ Tesla)
    • Onsite Mobile Shredding
    • Offsite Shredding
    • On/Offsite Software Data Destruction to NIST 800-88 data erasure standards

      Step 3 – Receive, Sort, Evaluate & Track

      • Assets are received, sorted, scanned and evaluated by qualified BCS ITAD personnel at secure company controlled production facilities nationwide.
      • Using our cloud-based enterprise resource planning system, each asset undergoes a full audit by serial number and asset tag.
      • A proprietary Unique Identifier (UID) barcode sticker is adhered to each unit or component, allowing us concise and transparent tracking of each asset through every step of our value added IT Asset Disposition & Remarketing program.

        Step 4 – Testing, Diagnostics & Refurbishment

        • As an R2 and ISO14001 certified organization, it is required that all customer assets be fully tested for functionality, refurbished, graded and cleaned by our team of certified Hardware Technicians prior to reintroduction into secondary markets.
        • BCS runs a series of system diagnostics, as well as eradicate all data containing devices, IP configurations or any other proprietary data found on client assets.
        • This detailed process will result in all of our clients receiving maximum ROI for their decommissioned IT & data center related electronics, components and peripherals, and peace of mind that each asset has been stripped of all proprietary data, and has been certified for reuse.

          Step 5 – Remarketing, Pricing & Reporting

          Over 5,000 active buyers in our network!

          • We will utilize a number of sales channels and methods to ensure maximum ROI for retired materials, such as direct to end-user, e-commerce, broker-to-broker platforms, online auctions, and our reseller network.  

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