Why BCS?

Dedicated Planning & Execution

We assign a dedicated Decommissioning Specialist (DS), to create the SLA, and then plan, execute, and measure

Seamless Decommissioning of IT Assets

On-site Destruction, live environments

End to End Logistics

We can coordinate the packaging & shipping to our secure locations

Complete Reverse Logistics Solution

We will receive, track, evaluate, sort, and determine best value proposition: reuse, repair, remarket, and/or recycle

Virtual Cloud Based Reporting

Custom password protected dashboards to meet client’s needs

Environmental Sustainability 100% Landfill Diversion Goal

100% Landfill Diversion Goal

Transparent Custodial Supply Chain

Visibility into the process and downstream

Why BCS?

Six Critical Areas To Understand When Looking For An Itad Provider:

On-site services (how are they delivered)
Data security and data destruction (how is it managed and reported)
Compliance tracking and reporting (full visibility of asset movement)
Resale of assets (industry awareness, channels for resale)
Recycling electronics (ensure environmental sustainability)
Proper certifications (R2, ISO14001, OHSAS18001)

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