Tracking Your Assets

Potential resale materials destined for functionality testing, diagnostics, refurbishment and reuse are received, screened, and sorted by qualified BCS IT Asset Disposition personnel at company controlled production facilities nationwide. Using our proprietary SaaS-based enterprise resource planning system, each qualified asset is entered into our database by serial number, and a bevy of other asset specific identifiers and specifications. Each asset is affixed with a system generated unique ID (UID) barcode sticker, allowing us a solid means to track each client asset through every step of our value added IT Asset Disposition program. .

Testing, Diagnostic & Refurbishment

As an R2 certified organization, it is required that all customer assets be fully tested for full functionality, graded and cleaned by our team of certified Hardware Technicians prior to sale. Depending on equipment type and value, BCS runs a series of system diagnostics, as well as wipe clean all data containing devices. This detailed process results in giving BCS clients the maximum return for their retired, overstock, or end of life IT electronics, and peace of mind that each asset has been stripped of proprietary data, and has been recertified for reuse. .

Data Security & Mobile Shredding Capabilities

BCS offers single, 3 or 7-pass software data sanitization services. Data containing devices are wiped to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-88 or Department of Defense (DoD) 5220.22M data erasure standards. Devices are physically tracked from receipt to final disposition by serial number and system generated UID. Data containing devices that fail to boot, mount, detect, or are otherwise inaccessible are physically destroyed to protect any and all proprietary information contained within.

For clients looking to have data containing devices physically destroyed onsite, BCS now offers mobile hard drive shredding services, catered to the expansive needs of our customers! For more information, please contact us here.

Regardless of your data destruction preference, a Certificate of Data Destruction is provided for all software data eradication or physical shredding jobs.

Reintroducing & Remarketing

With an emphasis on reintroduction to minimize electronic waste, each fully vetted, tested and refurbished asset is made available for sale and is sold into qualified secondary markets. BCS strives to find the right buyer for your new and refurbished materials. We utilize a number of sales channels and methods to ensure our clients the highest return on retired, overstock, end-of-life IT, corporate & desktop related electronics, as well as most other office materials. We cater programs to fit the needs of our clients, whether it is purchasing your excess or obsolete inventories, or offering our full portfolio of IT Asset Disposition Services. .

Online Client Access & IT Asset Reporting

Dependent on your requirements for equipment retirement, BCS can provide a full audit report for each load of inbound equipment. Our ITAD reports contain detailed and itemized information such as: inbound order number, inbound order receipt date, serial number, asset tag number (if applicable), manufacturer, model/part number, product type, technical specifications, test results, known failures and/or issues, equipment grade, applicable processing, test and refurbishment fees, and financial disclosure for each asset. Our clients can opt in to receive our reporting by mail, email, or by using our password protected Secure Client Dashboard. Custom reports and dashboards can be created if you have specific requirements, so don’t hesitate to inquire. We’re here to help.

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